Posted on October 4, 2018

Finding a Good Industrial Containment Company?

It's usually apparent when a project will require full or partial building containment, but sometimes minor problems escalate or new regulations take us by surprise.  Fortunately, this aspect of construction and renovation - whether asbestos containment, environmental isolation, mold or water damage remediation, or industrial dehumidification - can be affordably subcontracted to a company specializing in industrial containment.


The majority of business owners realize that it is wiser to prevent problems with infrastructure with a diligent facility maintenance and management schedule instead of suffering the inconvenience of undertaking repairs in less-than-ideal circumstances under time pressure. A relationship with a capable industrial containment company is an excellent way to ensure your poly containments are accountable and effective, and handled to minimize downtime for your clients and crews alike. Longer-term installations may be covered under a maintenance plan, and that can help prevent problems that can arise when such equipment is subject to excessive wear and degradation.


From marine shrink wrap for off-season boat protection in drydock, to protecting structures from hurricanes or other inclement weather, to industrial containments suitable for projects of the largest scale like stadiums, warehouses, port facilities and petroleum infrastructure - more and more professionals recognize the value in modern polymer-based industrial containment systems and their professional installation.




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